The Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School, also known as the Murri School, is a P-12 school based in Acacia Ridge, Queensland. We believe that culture and community are central to the academic, spiritual and social development of our students.

The Murri School aims to look after the whole child, not just their education. We understand that responding to the physical, emotional and cultural needs of our students helps them to develop a sense of pride, resilience and cultural connection. 

Through this holistic approach, the Murri School provides an environment where children can grow and develop into independent and skilled young people.

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The MURRI SCHOOL PODCAST brings you the stories and sounds from the Murri School in Acacia Ridge. 

In this episode we catch up with; Zeek Power, Clint Wallace, Uncle Cheg and the Torres Strait Islander Dance Company during NAIDOC 2019.